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Meet the Curly Wolf


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“When I built this shop I wanted an interpersonal shop, not a private studio but still an atmosphere of one. I want my clients as comfortable as possible and able to relax while getting tattooed, I built a shop that felt like home. Based off art and not just getting the next tattoo in and out.”

~Ian – Owner and Founder

This shop is fully disposable and only the highest quality products are used. The Curly Wolf is an artist run and operated shop for tattoo artists not tattooists, There will never be a receptionist to speak to only artists who will tattoo you. 

  • I can not say enough good things about Ian, his shop and the incredible work he does. He has done around 10 tattoos on me and many more to come. He makes sure you get a tattoo you love. The healing time is always quick and fast. Highly recommend.
  • I got my first tattoo at 50 years old by Ian at the Curly Wolf Tattoo Club. I am not a fan of people getting that close or touching me so that always held me back. I have friends that are artists and tattoo for a living but never felt compelled or comfortable enough to get one done. After seeing his... Read More
  • Sean does amazing work! Very skillful and everything I’ve had done by him always heals great even my fingers which is a tough area he’s able to pack in lots of detail in small areas and make them last. He also has his own unique style which is very well known. If you see one of his designs on th... Read More
  • The owner Ian does amazing work! His shop if filled with talent! If you are looking for a new tattoo or piercing check them out. Hands down the most enjoyable tattoo experience ever!
  • This is a very professional, accepting, and welcoming tattoo shop. The artists are consistent with their fair pricing and excellent skills to create masterpieces, I had chosen a back piece to honor my late grandmother and he (Ian) executed the process perfectly, made me comfortable and I felt safe w... Read More


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Your experience healing after getting a tattoo is as unique as the the tattoo you received. While the internet is a great source of information please have a look at our FAQ’s before jumping to conclusions or asking friends what to do. If you cannot find what you’re looking for fill out the form and your artist will get back to you ASAP.

Need an Appointment?

We do take walk ins! The Curly Wolf is does not need appointments but they are prefered. Feel free to stop by if you need to set up an appointment, and leave a deposit.
204 Lancaster St B, Albany, NY 12210
You can also call the shop at (518) 813-9027 OR text Ian at (518) 227-4241.