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“When I built this shop I wanted an interpersonal shop, not a private studio but still an atmosphere of one. I want my clients as comfortable as possible and able to relax while getting tattooed, I built a shop that felt like home. Based off art and not just getting the next tattoo in and out.”

~Ian – Owner and Founder

This shop is fully disposable and only the highest quality products are used. The Curly Wolf is an artist run and operated shop for tattoo artists not tattooists, There will never be a receptionist to speak to only artists who will tattoo you.

  • Amazing work highly recommend josh mosh
  • Ian is a great artist. Shop is in great location with parking in back. Really comfortable spot to get a tattoo: TV with every single streaming option, food delivery, window to look out of etc. And ultimately, the art is what matters and Ian and his staff are excellent and professional artists at a f... Read More
  • Great tattoo parlor. Great prices very clean. I usually go to Ian the owner
  • My first tat drove 3 hours to sit with him (Long Island to Albany) Ian is a genius game out exactly how I wanted it and we discussed His input is invaluable Waited 20+ years for this and he nailed it Easiest 3 hours of my life Going anyplace else is a waste of time This is where you want to b... Read More
  • Awesome shop! Great experience! Felt comfortable and loved my new tat
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Ian Macintyre


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Your experience healing after getting a tattoo is as unique as the the tattoo you received. While the internet is a great source of information please have a look at our FAQ’s before jumping to conclusions or asking friends what to do. If you cannot find what you’re looking for fill out the form and your artist will get back to you ASAP.

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While we do take walk ins when we have time, the Curly Wolf is primarily an appointment only shop. Feel free to stop by if you need to set up an appointment, and leave a deposit.
204 Lancaster St B, Albany, NY 12210
You can also call the shop at (518) 813-9027 OR call Ian at (518) 227-4241.